About the Artist

My love for dollhouses started when my father gave me my first dollhouse. I was only a teenager, but that dollhouse fueled my interest in dollhouses and miniatures. I began making miniatures and selling them at local craft fairs. After the birth of my son, dollhouse miniatures became a creative outlet that most mothers can understand. Twenty years ago, my mother and I started T & D Miniatures. Over the years the business has grown to more than 300 miniatures handmade by myself and my mother. Plus we have in stock over 3000 miniatures by other artisans and manufacturers. We have been enjoying making and selling miniatures and meeting many wonderful people in our travels to various shows around the nation. T & D Miniatures also rehabs and builds dollhouses including installing wiring, wallpaper, flooring, and electric. We also do custom houses and special orders.


Makers & Artisans